What's in My Beach Bag? A Guide to Beach Bag Essentials

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The items in a beach bag say something about the owner. The things I carry are tailored to my needs while I am at the beach, or actually, in the ocean. For instance, I rarely carry a music speaker because all of my beach time is spent in the water and not on the sand. While the items in my beach bag can vary based on my activities, these are the essential items that I have no matter what I am doing.

Sunblock & Zinc

Without a doubt, these two are the most important things in my beach bag. We all know the dangers of exposing yourself to harmful UV rays so I am not going to go into details. I use zinc on my face and hands and a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection on the rest of my body. I absolutely never using tanning oils and I reapply my sunblock often.


Again, this one is important for shielding your skin from the sun’s rays. Whether it is a floppy hat or a ball cap, either works and I like to switch it up. Bonus: beach hair can be easily tucked into your hat so those crazy strands can be managed.

Lip Balm with SPF

As you can see, skin care is very important to me. Your lips can get sunburned too so it is always good to use a lip balm that has SPF for protection from the sun. You will avoid chapped lips because a good balm will lock in moisture. Bonus: yummy flavors are awesome when your lips are all salty.


Eye protection is super important too. Polarized glasses are the way to go as it cuts glare and makes it easier to see through the water, which is excellent for scoping out reef areas and great for fishing. 

Cold H2O

Being in the water for hours on end really dehydrates your body. I prefer to use reusable bottles, because plastic bottles are bad for our oceans. Insulated bottles are best as they keep your water nice and cool while it sits on the hot sand. I use a Hydro Flask to keep my water super cold, I really cannot say enough good things about those bottles.


I never go anywhere without my GoPro and GoPole. Any camera will work, as long as it is either waterproof or in a waterproof case. Do not forget extra batteries and any accessories you need.


I bring different fins depending on what I am doing. I usually carry my DaFin Kicks because they are my favorite. They’re sturdy and have lasted me a few years, and they have the added bonus of being cute. I also have a pair of diving fins that I wear with booties when I plan on going deeper or when scuba diving.

Mask, Snorkel, & Antifog

Along with my mask and snorkel, I carry antifog. A few drops of baby shampoo into a tiny bottle and then mixed with water works better than anything else. I find that the toothpaste trick leaves my eyes feeling kind of…minty and cold, so I do not recommend that one. 


I try to bring foods that will keep me energized for more swimming and help tide me over until my next meal. Fresh fruit seems to taste best when sitting on the sand looking at the waves.

Towel & Body Wrap

I always pack 1 towel and 1 wrap. The towel stays in my car for me to sit on for the ride home, because salty car seats turn weird colors. The body wrap, or sarong, is to lay on the beach or to wrap my body in if I do not feel like wearing my clothes over a wet bikini.


Any conditioner works for this, I use a coconut one because it smells good. After rinsing off in the showers at the beach, or even after I get out of the water, I comb some of this through my hair and leave it until I get home to shower. It keeps my hair from getting knotted and makes it easier to put up.

Alecia <3

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