Hamama Falls

8:30 AM

Hamama Falls is one of the lesser known waterfalls on O'ahu. In the back of Waihe’e Valley, this 4 mile round trip trail takes you past a swimming hole before reaching the magnificent, 40 foot waterfall. Spring fed from the Ko'olau Mountains, this waterfall is always flowing. The hike is more of a nature walk than anything, as you just follow a gravel path to the base of the falls; kids and dogs can do this one.

Again, Leptospirosis is common in freshwater on Oah'u, do take precautionary measures.

Note: This hike is restricted by the Board of Water Supply. Trespassing is illegal.


This hike begins at the end of Waihe’e Road. After crawling through the hole in the fence, you are on the trail. The gravel path leads you right to the waterfall. You will immediately pass the stream.

Swimming Hole

Within 10 minutes of starting you will come across the swimming hole. Man made structures channel the stream into a crystal clear pool. The tree on  the side has a nifty rope to swing on into the water. This would be a perfect spot to bring a pool floatie and chill in, the water is nice and cool and the serenity of the forest around you is calming. 


After passing the pool, you will come to a sort of grassy meadow. I’ve heard that the small hut in the back of the grassy area has surveillance cameras but I did not get close enough to check. You will walk through the meadow to the next part of the trail. From here, the gravel road got more muddy and a little more steep, but it was still very easy to trek. The trail remains pretty shaded from the tree canopy, hence, why it remains wet and muddy. Do know that there trail markers in some areas but they are not there throughout the trail.

The Falls

After walking along the gravel for about 20 more minutes, you will be at the falls. Ignore the unsightly metal pipes by the stream and just take in the beauty. The water comes from the Ko’olau Mountains and is cold but refreshing. The pool at the base of the falls is not deep enough to swim in but that is what the swimming hole is for.

As always, please take care to pick up your trash and be safe so others can enjoy the beauty.

Alecia <3

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