Top 5 Beaches on O'ahu

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 From the beaches of Waikiki to the famous North Shore, the beaches on O’ahu are heaven on Earth. Each beach has something different to offer, depending on what your goal is for the day. Whether it is to relax or to surf, here is a list of the best beaches to check out. 

 It was so hard to choose my favorites for this list, so be sure to explore as many of O’ahu’s beaches as you can!

Yokohama Beach

Keawalua, or Yokes, is by far, my favorite beach to go to for a relaxing day and it is THE best spot for sunsets, in my opinion. Body boarding and surfing are popular at this beach, however, it’s nickname is “The Meat-grinder” for a reason, sharp rocks cover a large portion of the sand underwater. It is quite a drive to get to this beach from town, but the gorgeous, green mountains to your back and the shining, blue water are worth it.

Lanikai Beach

The two islands, called the Mokes, off the coast of Kailua set the perfect scene for a day at this beach. Laying in the powdery, white sand and splashing in the turquoise water is such a treat. For the more adventurous, paddling or kayaking out to the Mokes is always fun and rentals are available on the spot. While this beach is usually crowded, the scenery and water activities cannot be passed up. 

Shark’s Cove

At Pūpūkea Beach Park, on the North Shore is one of the best spots to snorkel and scuba dive. The rocky bay forms shallow tide pools, perfect for beginner snorkelers and small kids to explore. For the scuba diver or experienced snorkeler, the deeper waters are home to large schools of fish, sea turtles, and countless other marine animals.

Diamond Head Beach Park

At the bottom of Diamond Head Volcano runs a beautiful stretch of beach and popular surf spot. Because it’s on the South shore, the waves rarely get too big so the surf is pretty good. If you’re not in to surfing, it’s still a great spot to relax or swim with the kiddos.

Waimea Bay

I could never forget the famous and breathtaking Waimea bae ;). This beach always has a good amount of people on it for a reason. During the summer, the calm water is great for snorkeling and during the winter you can watch pro surfers brave the giant swells. The big rock to the side of the bay is a popular spot to jump off and the waves beneath the rock are fun for body boarding.

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Diamond Head

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