An O'ahu Secret: The Mermaid Cave

11:06 PM

Isn't it just magnificent? This "Mermaid Cave" is one of the most beautiful places on the island of O'ahu. The impressive, but sometimes dangerous grotto is really an extraordinary sight to take in.

The fun is in the finding! If you know anything about the landscape on O'ahu, then it should not be too hard to figure out where this cave is located. And if you do not know much about the geography of O'ahu then the search will be a great adventure, I promise!

I will not reveal the location, so if you came here for that then tough luck. Not that you cannot find the location, as this "secret" spot has been geo-tagged in so many photos that it is actually no longer a secret. Knowing the whereabouts of this cave used to be a privilege. Hidden along some remote beach, was this gorgeous cavern, carved from the ocean. But now, when you go, you have to stand in line to get inside because the amount of people milling about it's entrance is staggering. Never mind that the cave is essentially in some body's backyard, but visitors seem to think it is also a garbage dump. The very last time I went, I cut my finger on a broken beer bottle. Yep.

You would think that people coming to experience the ocean's beauty would have more regard for it than to leave their garbage strewn among the rocks.

I have nothing against people coming to see the spectacular work of art that Mother Nature has made, but I am against people littering and ruining the overall experience by their loudness and general lack of respect. This breathtaking cavern has become a tourist hot spot with the aid of social media.


Now that I have all that off my chest, I do have a serious message for you concerning this exquisite cave. The tide can easily fill the cave up and the strong waves have been known to pull people into the ocean through the opening in the back of the cave. Be careful, especially with your little ones.


When you do visit, be sure to respect it and the people who live nearby. There are memorial sites in the ground here for people who are no longer with us. The people who have made their homes in this area are saints to put up with the ruckus I have seen surrounding this cave. Besides the boisterous crowds, the littering needs to stop. Our natural world is very important and taking care of the 'aina is part of the Aloha spirit. Please, do not litter and if you see trash pick it up because there are trash cans in the parking lot.
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