Christmas on Oahu

11:27 AM

I’m dreaming of a blue Christmas...

In Hawaii, we hear all the time how “it’s not Christmas without cold weather/snow” and how lucky we are to be warm during the holidays..and this is totally true.

 I have never experienced a white Christmas so I really cannot relate to the former. However, we really are lucky to be in such a warm place while the mainlanders suffer the winter. In fact, our winter means bigger waves (at least on the North Shore) and we all know that when the surf’s up, there’s more surfing-yay! Surf contests are big out here and the surf capital of the world gets flooded by surfers from all over. It’s common to see pros like Kelly Slater and John John Florence, among others, out in the lineup. 

Strangely, we do get cold. The temperature dips into the low 70’s, sometimes 60’s. Brrr! We get so used to the warm weather that a slight dip means hoodies and beanies come out. I’ve even been wearing a spring suit while snorkeling recently.

What we lack in cold weather, we definitely make up for in Aloha spirit. We build “sandmen” at the beach and the radio stations play Christmas music with an island twist.

 Mele Kalikimaka and a Happy New Year!

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