Sliding Rock, North Carolina: Nature’s Waterslide

10:27 AM

As soon as I found out we were moving to North Carolina I began researching all the fun things I was going to have to do here. One of the first things I came across was Sliding Rock and I could not wait for my chance to go.

To experience the thrill of this slide 2nd hand, check out our short video here!

This awesome waterfall has created such a smooth surface that you can slide right down the rock face and into the small pool below. While the falls aren’t steep, the moving water and slippery stone make for a good slide.

Located in the stunning Pisgah National Forest, this treasure attracts many adventurers. Gallons of water pour over the giant boulder creating a 60ft slide. From the viewing area above to the many rocks dotting the stream below, you can watch as kids and adults line up then slip and slide down the rock. 
We arrived in the late afternoon during September so the lifeguards were no longer on duty, but that did not stop a decent sized crowd from showing up. While the line looked long, it went by quickly as people doubled and even tripled up to slide down with their friends and family at the same time. Watching people spin out of control and splash magnificently in the water would make the whole crowd laugh.

Once you make it through the line at the top of the slide, just go ahead and sit down and the water will do the rest. I will admit that it was a little more than chilly but it was worth it. The pool that catches you at the bottom is plenty deep enough that you shouldn’t hit the rocks below, but still exercise caution. My friend forgot to take her sunglasses off and lost them in the water. Turns out she wasn’t the only one as others also took turns ducking underneath the surface to find their own lost items.  

After taking a few turns we sat on the rocks to dry off and warm ourselves. It really was the perfect stop after a day of hiking in Pisgah.

 I highly recommend stopping at the nearby Looking Glass Falls, it is breathtaking!

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