Koko Head Stairs of Doom

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This 1.5 mile hike is great if you want a good workout. The railroad tracks going up Koko Head Crater serve as a giant stair-master for those who decide to climb the 1,048 steps.

There is very little shade on the trail, so sunscreen and a hat are a must for this one, as well as water. It is also a pretty popular hike, going earlier or later in the day would keep you from getting clogged on the railway. Sunset or sunrise on the top are always spectacular, bring a headlamp when trekking in the dark. After doing this hike once weekly for a semester, I have decided that it is not really a hike, more of a vigorous physical exercise.

Up We Go

The railway can be seen from the road and can look pretty intimidating, especially when you are standing at the bottom looking up. The beginning of the stairs are pretty easy, not too steep. As you continue, the stairs become more abrupt. Some steps are a little loose, or even broken, so watch your step. At one point, somewhere near the halfway mark, the stairs rise up from the earth leaving about 2 meters between the railway and the actual ground. This is really the only “sketchy” part, other than that area, the stairs are firmly planted in the dirt. And, I am not going to lie, you will probably need to take a breather or two on your way up. When you do stop, be sure to move off the trail to make way for other hikers.

The View is Worth the Climb

Once you finally reach Pu’u Mai, the crater’s highest peak, the views are well worth the sweaty trek. Not only can your see the spectacular reef of Hanauma Bay, but the entire Windward side of the island is laid out before you. 

Coming Down

Going down is much easier, physically speaking. Be sure to keep your knees straight as you descend and take your time. 

Please be safe and remember to pick up your trash so other can enjoy the beauty.

Alecia <3

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