Kualoa Ranch ATV Tour

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This tour is a super fun way to explore the valleys of the private nature reserve on the Windward side of Oahu. The ATV tour takes you through the cattle ranch located in the valley while the tour guide explains the different movie scenes that have been filmed on location.

The Ranch

I have to say that views here are amazing. The green backdrop of the mountains to our backs and the ocean spread out in front of us took my breath away. I was so excited to get started.

We signed up for the very last 1 hour tour, which ended up being a good amount of time and the lighting from the sun being low meant it was not too hot. After checking in with the friendly staff, we decided to walk around a little to kill time. We watched the horses and donkeys running around the pen and stables as we walked. We struck up a conversation with one of the handlers who was happy to answer all the questions I had about the history of the ranch and the animals. 

Scenic Tour
It was my first time riding an ATV so I was a bit nervous. The safety video went over how to ride the ATV and I ended up getting the hang of it right away. We were handed helmets and eye protection before hopping on. I recommend bringing your own sunglasses so you do not have to wear the goggles they give you and be sure to wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty in.

As we rode up and down some hills we passed plenty of cows and calfs (so cute!) just chilling under trees and even on our path. We stopped at a couple scenic points for photo ops and the tour guide stopped at every movie scene to talk a little bit about it.

The ride was very comfortable and relaxed, we took a few sharp turns and ran over some bumpy ground which added to the adventure. Driving under thick canopies of trees and then out in the open under the sun and through muddy areas was so much fun. Definitely do not wear white, like I did.

Movie Scenes and WWII
Of the various movie spots we saw, such as a big foot print from Godzilla and a spot from 50 First Dates, my favorite was the log from Jurassic Park with the sign in front of it. I had to get a photo before continuing. We drove up a hill and came to stop at an old WWII bunker dug into the mountain. Inside, there were photos of the various movies, but even more exciting were the historical artifacts. They had set up portions of the bunker to show you what it would have looked like during the War. There was a sleeping area with a cot and various work spaces. I only wish I took more photos of it all. 

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